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Easiest Salad Dressing You’ll Ever Make: Yummy, Healthy, and Kid-Friendly

March 22, 2012

Kids and greens. It can be tricky, right?

Smoothie Boys, Jan. 12, 2012

Some prefer green smoothies (e.g. our son and nephew), and some prefer salads (e.g. our daughter).

I get great pleasure in watching my kids’ teeth turn green, and I want them to grow up enjoying the food we eat. This means that our green smoothies need to be sweet, and our salads should have yummy dressing.

But choosing salad dressings can be tough in the grocery aisle. We’re looking for something with no oils, no dairy, no eggs, no added or artificial sugar. Suddenly the only thing left is a balsamic vinaigrette, if that. Not exactly a popular choice with the 4-and-under crowd.

I have tried a lot of great make-at-home healthy dressings, but when those are gone and I’m in a hurry, I’ve discovered success with this easy dressing alternative. It’s also a fun recipe to let your kids make!


Jam-o-Rama Dressing
Makes 1 small serving

Stir and pour onto finely chopped* baby spring greens or romaine**.



1. Our kids like to eat salad with a spoon.
2. You can increase the quantity consumed without increasing the volume.
3. Nutrients are more easily absorbed when greens are chopped/blended.

**Try adding raw or frozen veggies, berries, dried fruit, chopped apple/pear/avocado, beans and/or nuts.


Hope you’ll give it a try!


This post is part of SortaCrunchy’s weekly “Your Green Resource.” 

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Aunt Katie permalink
    March 22, 2012 9:38 am

    That is so awesome Amanda! That dressing looks tasty!!!

  2. Katie @ Imperfect People permalink
    March 29, 2012 11:55 am

    I never would have thought of that! I am making some strawberry jam next week and will make even more thanks to your idea! I love it thanks!

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