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Weekend Reading

February 12, 2012

Okay, now I know most of you don’t click the links and read the stuff I share. I’ll choose not to take that too personally. **cut to me weeping uncontrollably in the corner.**

But this week, I’m linking up to new sites, new blogs, new voices. I hope you’ll give them a try. Good writing, fresh insights, and beautiful perspective (don’t we all need more of this?).

Flathead Mama: a love letter to my messy house

Dear Messy House,
I know I grouch and complain about you more often than I should…and I take you for granted more times than I could number.

boho mama: fingerprints

If not all fingerprints can ever be exactly alike, then I do not have to worry about comparing my mother-print to your mother-print, or to anyone else’s. I can admire it, think about it, and find similarities, but there will always be differences. That is a good thing.

This applies to raising my daughters, too.

And on this farm….: Motherhood as liturgy

Like L’Engle, dishes are the absolute bane of my existence.  Every day after lunch, I look over to my kitchen counters filled with dishes since the evening before and I give myself a pep-talk.  I can do this.  But perhaps I need a nap first.

“February 3: I love”: You have to stop over at Adele’s lovely blog and watch this video. It is the perfect video for Valentine’s Day, no matter who you are or how you feel about love this time of year.

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