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in which i admit my shortcomings

January 18, 2012

After so many posts recently about progress, growth, and resolutions, I feel I need to admit something to you.

I am failing.

Let’s see….

I’m staying up way too late.

I’m getting up way too late.

I’m barely keeping up my home calendar, and therefore, forgetting all kinds of things. Like paying bills and renewing library books.

I’m spending too much time on this brain-sucking, time-wasting computer.

I’m not dressing in a way that helps me wake up and get moving.

And then there are the things beyond my control: a teething boy who is up for hours at a time overnight, a girl who has found a spot in our bed every night at about 12:30 a.m., and a mama who, when trying to still get up early after nights like these, falls asleep while sitting on the couch reading a book to Ainsley at 6:00 p.m.

Thank God for grace. And mission. And peace. And for faith to keep moving forward.

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