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December 28, 2011

Punkin Head and Bomar, riding the Polar Express (12/10/11)

Christmas is over! The house was de-Christmased on Monday, no time wasted. While we dwell in the joy of Emmanuel, we look ahead to the renewal and hope of a new year.

We’re off to the library! I’m so excited that we can walk there without snow, ice, or frigid temps (30 is practically tropical for Dec. 28).

We’re baking bread! Bennett gave us a St. John’s bread mix. Can’t wait to fill up on bread after our brisk walk.

We’re finishing laundry! After 5 loads yesterday, we’re almost caught up.

We’re getting organized! The kids’ clothes have been streamlined and rearranged for easy selection and clean up. More on this topic in 2012.

We’re resting! It’s just the three us while Grace is on school break with Miles. While we miss our little playmate, it’s nice to reconnect with my little ones, snuggling and engaging in their favorite activities — art work, blocks, reading, etc.

What are you doing today?

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