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Weekend Reading

December 16, 2011

I love sharing encouragement, humor, and information from fellow bloggers. Enjoy!


This is why I don’t blog / from Molly at A 30-second video. “This is why I rarely have bloggable thoughts. Imagine this kind of energy, all day, every day–awesome and exhausting.” Amen to that. A-men.


Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Artificial Food Coloring / from SortaCrunchy by Megan@SortaCrunchy

1)  Food coloring is made from petroleum, contaminants, and propylene glycol (a.k.a. antifreeze).  A little perspective … Yellow #5 (Tartrazine) is made from crude oil runoff and contains a known carcinogen called benzene.  Benzene has been banned from our gasoline in the US.  And the same Blue 2 dye that colors our jeans also colors our foods.  Now times are tough, but I doubt any of us would eat gasoline or jeans willingly.


Home : the Greatest Setting for the Stories of Our Lives / from Making This Home by Katie: An encouragement to me as I remember all my Christmases past in houses that have since become home to someone else — Gramma Sharon’s house, my childhood home at 206 Maple St., and the Ginn’s Coon Rapids house.

“The incredible thing about home is that it really has nothing to do with the building. It’s all about the people. A home is just the setting for all the stories of our lives. You don’t need a perfect home to have a good life. You just need good people that you love and a passion to live.”


Enjoying the Simplicity of Staying Home / from Passionate Homemaking» Passionate Homemaking by Lindsay: Katie shared this link with me last week. It was such an important reminder to protect our little ones and our homes from unnecessary stressors and busy-ness.

“There is true joy to be found in simply being at home. We do experience a lot pressure in our culture to get out and do things in order to supposedly stay sane. […] It’s nearly impossible to work on heart training when you are out and about as well. For the peace and growth of our family we need to be at home together.”

“If I am feeling lonely or experiencing self-pity about staying home, it is a reminder to stop and check my heart. Where am I seeking to find my fulfillment? Am I looking for my help in others first before my sweet Lord? Why not befriend a book, or the Book of all Books. I want to make sure my heart is still first and foremost towards my first mission – honoring the Lord in our family and home. Beautifying this place. Cultivating domestic serenity here and now.”


This is probably the most important blog post I’ve read this month. I read it almost every day:

Do this today and change everything. / from Jamie at Steady Mom

Suddenly God whispered to my heart. What He said surprised me, changed my outlook, and altered the entire direction of my day–of all my days. He said,

“Choose peace over productivity.”

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