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Thaddeus Is…

May 15, 2011

(at Children's Museum 4/26)

… 10 months old tomorrow!!

… climbing

… standing

(reading 4/12)

… walking along furniture

… getting into everything

(at MCM 4/26)

… no longer toothless (1st tooth FINALLY appeared this week!)

… no longer (quite so) bald

yeah... faux hawk! 4/27

… a babbler (ba ba ba)

… a singer

… a snuggler

(at MCM 4/26)

… a talker (first word “hi!” usually with a friendly wave of the hand. Also says “Da” occasionally.)

… a clapper

love that teething grin! (at MCM 4/26)

… not liking diaper changes at all

… an explorer

He was originally standing(!) on the dishwasher door. Oh my. (3/30)

… unafraid (he is ready to conquer anything — stairs, bathtubs, baskets of books, dishwasher doors.)

… a high-five-r


… a good sleeper (2 naps a day… love it!)

… longer, leaner… those legs are getting ready to walk!

bed head and swollen gums (4/21)

… a belly laughing, super sweet, curious little baby boy.

We love you, bud!!

Easter 2011

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  1. Aunt Katie permalink
    May 17, 2011 1:37 pm

    He is way too adorable!!! love his smile! Also, love that pictgure of him on the dishwasher!!!

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