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What I’d blog about if I could.

September 5, 2010

There are moments I miss having at-home Internet. But, ultimately, Scott and I are so glad to not have the Internet at home. It works for us, for now, so we’ll stick with it.

But since I have a minute to write (Thaddeus in the sling; Ainsley napping; Internet access at the grandparents’ house), I thought I’d jot down a few things I wish I could be blogging about… you know… if I access to the Internet and the time to blog.

  • Being a family of four: We’ve had to adapt in a lot of ways. How we communicate with each other, with our kids. Learning how to discipline a tw0-year old during the day when it’s just Mom-Mom, and when it’s all of us in the evening. Snuggling Thaddeus while playing trains with Ainsley. All good things; all new things.
  • Going through changes: Be it changes at work for Scott or changes in our home, change truly is constant. So how do we learn to live in the midst of change instead of waiting for life to start when all the changes end?
  • Keeping ourselves in check: Scott and I have both been in contemplative moods lately. Evaluating ourselves, our decisions, our future. It is serious business, but not really as dramatic as it sounds in writing.
  • Striking a balance: Along with change comes the need for balance. Balance in being busy and being quiet; balance in what’s real and what’s hoped for; balance in waiting and moving into action.

If I could, I’d also be blogging about what I’ve been reading lately, the joy (and new phrases) Ainsley brings to our lives, how much Thaddeus expands our love, and the food we’re enjoying from the Farmers’ Market.

But whether I blog or not, life still happens. It just happen a little more quietly, a little more privately, and a little more simply. And that definitely works for us.

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