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Watch Food, Inc. for FREE!

April 20, 2010

Food, Inc. is on PBS Wednesday, April 21st.
It will also be streaming online in its entirety from April 22nd to April 29th.

We rented this movie a few months back. It was worth the $5 we spent to rent it, but I am thrilled that PBS is making this available for free. It’s something that more people need to see, and not just for the sake of our planet or for the animals we eat, but for the sake of people. Because…

  • Shouldn’t our food be safe to eat?
  • Shouldn’t those who grow our food be protected from deadly poisons and corporate or government traps?
  • Shouldn’t the people who raise, process, and package our food be paid a fair wage and treated ethically?
  • Shouldn’t real food be affordable for everyone?
  • Shouldn’t our children know what real food is?

You can think I’m crazy. You can think I’m just throwing around scare tactics. You can think I’m a tree hugger, a liberal nut job, or an elitist. I don’t really care.

But give this movie a chance (for free) before you pass judgment.

(And be gentle. You’re dealing with an overly sensitive pregnant woman, after all. 🙂 )

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