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Ainsley Speak

April 15, 2010

Great job, Gramma GG and Pop Pop!

Yes, Ainsley is ENTHRALLED with baseball, especially Twins baseball, especially Joe Mauer. When she wakes up in the morning or after a nap, often the first word out of her mouth is, “Moww-ah.”

Mauer. Morneau. Cuddyer. Then she swings a “bat” (her arm). When she’s rolling on the floor, she’s talking about dirt. Sliding in the dirt, usually.

Why she tickles her nose and chin is unknown. Maybe because the ball players have scratchy facial hair like Daddy?

All we know is this — just a few games into the season, we have a full-fledged obsession with baseball in our house that was not taught or forced in any way.

This could be a long season.


We’re hearing a lot about these three folks around here.




Their names are usually followed by a click of the tongue and a swing of the arm or pointed index finger.

And then Ainsley might roll around on the floor saying, “Der. Der.” while giggling and tickling her own nose and chin.

We know what all this excitement is about.

Do you?

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  1. Gramma GG permalink
    April 15, 2010 1:37 pm


    PopPop and I think we SOLVED the case!



    “there! there!”….going to the new ball park!!!!

    Are we right?????

  2. JessicainFlorida permalink
    April 20, 2010 8:01 am

    Just when I think Ainsley and I can’t possibly have more in common, I find out she shares my crush on Michael Cuddyer. We are soul-sisters. It is meant to be!

    I hope we can take a drive past the new stadium when I’m in town. I’d love to see it.

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