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Weekend Reading

April 1, 2010

It’s a long weekend. So here’s a long (and varied) reading list.


The Beauty of Living… Slowly: Simple Mom (Addresses “the ingrained belief that busyness equals value” present in much of our American lifestyle and offers tips to help us slow down.)

Your Expectations of You: Something’s Got to Give: Life as Mom

Playing to Learn: NY Times (written by Susan Engel, a senior lecturer in psychology and the director of the teaching program at Williams College) “Our current educational approach — and the testing that is driving it — is completely at odds with what scientists understand about how children develop during the elementary school years and has led to a curriculum that is strangling children and teachers alike.”

For the Table (part one): SouleMama (For more, see part two.)

How to eat sustainably: Mahlzeit

Study: Homelessness up sharply in Minn.: MPR News (“The study counted 9,452 homeless people in Minnesota during a one-day survey conducted last October. That’s up 22 percent from 2006 levels. The uptick follows a six-year period of relative stability in the homeless numbers…. [Researchers also noted] a sharp upturn in the number of homeless families with children — up 27 percent from the last survey in 2006.”)

State of the Oceans Health: In Crisis (VIDEO): Cooking Up a Story (“Alison Barratt, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program discusses the health of the oceans in relation to native fish populations, and the decline of their ecosystems.”)

Crying Over Spilled Cereal: Steady Mom (“It was one of those days.”)

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