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Family Update

March 23, 2010

Ainsley has been a little sick for the past 36 hours. Puke. Poop. And general unhappiness, exhaustion, and lack of appetite. She’s much better today. She ate lots of oatmeal, and we even went to the park.

The reason there are new posts on the blog is that I wrote them and scheduled them to publish sometime last week. I love that scheduling feature. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had time or energy to blog so far this week.

Scott is working like crazy. Constant interviews and meetings in preparation for camp season. We’re all adjusting.

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday. It was such a great day. I felt so loved.

We became first-time Auntie, Uncle, and Cousin to Katie and Ben’s little girl, Addison Rose on March 17. I have pictures to share, but not today.

Spring feels sprung, and that’s encouraging.

I’m 24 weeks along. We can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. Gadget is a kicking/somersaulting machine right now. And Ainsley is always very willing to talk to Baby Gadget and give my tummy a little pat.

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