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February 8: I love…

February 8, 2010

… baby names! Or, rather, baby naming. I like to hear other parents’ naming patterns and reasoning. I enjoy the meanings and history behind names. I like choosing middle names. I even like picking out our babies’ in-utero names (Gizmo, Gadget…).

What I especially love is the mystery of our baby names. Even we don’t know what the baby’s name will be until he or she arrives; we keep a list of 2-3 boy names and 2-3 girl names and will decide once we meet our little one. It’s a little something special for just the two of us, Scott and me, to share. To talk about during car rides or before we turn out the lights. To dream about in quiet moments of the day.

The book above is the updated version of the book we purchased when we found out we were pregnant with Ainsley. And just so you know, 100,001+ baby names is a few too many to weed through. So if you’re shopping for baby names, buy a book with fewer names (25,000 should be sufficient, I would think), borrow a book from the library, or try sites like this or this.

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  1. pop pop permalink
    February 8, 2010 3:06 pm

    I love having the chance to see another version of my first daughter, Rosie! She was such a character, a true joy to be around. When her mother and I first laid eyes on her and ever since, she brings us HAPPINESS. Thanks to Scott and Amanda I now have a chance to experience another version of the wonderment of Amanda Rose. Ainsley Ruth, pop pop thinks about you all the time and every time I do I feel so happy. I love you roo.

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