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A Little More Green: “Don’t Waste It”

December 1, 2009

This post kicks off a mini-series entitled “Don’t Waste It.” The series will consist of brief encouragements to find new ways of celebrating throughout the holiday season. Each post is direct in its phrasing (Don’t Waste _____); they are not meant to be pushy or offensive, but rather just to the point.

We are hopeful that by making some simple changes in our own lives, we can better steward this earth and better love our neighbors.

“This world is fleeting. Just like our money and our things, we can’t take our traditions with us. So while we’re here, we want to do our best to make this world livable for those who need Jesus. Because if they can’t live here long enough or well enough to know Jesus, then they will live eternally apart from Him.”

(Click here to read the full introduction.)


Don’t waste food. There are one billion people worldwide experiencing hunger. But there are also kids going hungry — right here, right now. Instead of over-consuming or over-producing baked goods and canned corn this season, consider making a donation to a food shelf or sharing a meal with a family in need through your church or Feeding America. Your body won’t miss the second (or third) helping one bit.

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    1. December 3, 2009 4:23 pm

      Amanda! I was glancing around and I think you’ve got a lot of fun, relevant stuff on here. I dont know if Ill ever have time to blog, but you’re a talented writer, and that kind of reading is always appreciated. Seems like a lot of work, posting and writing, but what a fun thing to do from home!!! Little Ainsley is growing fast- wow. Well, I plan to stop by on here often now that I know where the site is- I had it a long time ago and then lost it for whatever reason. I want you and Scott to know I am looking forward to Christmas, and I cant wait to see you guys. Family is so important to cherish. Hope you guys are doing well and see you in a few weeks!

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