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Sunday Farmers’ Market

October 11, 2009

Brr! It’s freezin’ outside!

I took off this morning for the St. Paul Farmers’ Market while Scott stayed home with Ainsley. They read stories and then she napped for 2 hours! With that kind of resume, I think he should be in charge of nap time every day.


Today’s picks:

  • 4/$5: Sugar pie pumpkins (I’ll roast them and freeze the puree for pies, bread, and maybe ravioli. The seeds will be roasted and eaten, too.)
  • $4: 2 trays of potatoes, one red, one yukon gold
  • $3: Sweet carrots
  • $1: 3 leeks
  • $1: 2 garlic
  • $5: 1/4 peck of Fireside apples (YUM!)
  • $2.50: 1/4 peck of Fireside apples (seconds quality)
  • $0.75: A very sad looking bundle of celery. I had only $0.75 left and I really wanted the celery, but it was $2. I asked for $0.75 worth and they gave me a pathetic little broken off bunch. I don’t care. It smells so good! And we haven’t had celery since winter last year. It will be perfect for soup!
  • $0.75: One sweet yellow onion. A big one.

It was cold, and the market is so much smaller than it was this summer. Kind of sad, but really exciting, too. I loved seeing all the gourds, root vegetables, celery, apples, and even cranberries. Fall has delicious foods and I hope we can celebrate all these foods in the next few weeks. What a joy to see my daughter marvel at the pumpkins and  unload the potatoes when I came home.

Let’s eat!

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