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Tuesday Farmers’ Market

September 23, 2009

I know, I know… You don’t really care about my trips to the Farmers’ Market. Sorry, but here’s another post on this boring topic.

Yesterday’s Picks at the Shoreview Farmers’ Market:

  • $1: Small watermelon
  • $1: Acorn squash
  • $1: Cilantro
  • $2: 4 onions
  • $5: 3 trays of potatoes. They were priced at $2/tray, but I asked if they would do 3/$5. I’m glad I asked!
  • $3: A tray of carrots
  • $3: 3 heads of broccoli (Ainsley’s favorite food right now…)
  • $5: I splurged on a pint of raspberries.

After visiting this market two times now, I must say that I prefer the Maplewood Market. Shoreview offers a lot of different sellers — coffee, tea, honey, artists, florists, meat, gourd lady and her gourds… It is fun to visit, but for the basics I am looking to buy every week, I prefer the layout of Maplewood and the fact that there are so many growers and basic veggies to choose from.

I am heading to the downtown St. Paul Market on Saturday morning, bright and early. I am bringing a veggie tray to a party that afternoon — and only if I picked ’em myself would the veggies be fresher!

I hope to be back this week with a “month in review” post all about what we’ve been up to since mid-August.

Have a great day!

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  1. September 23, 2009 12:36 pm

    #1 it was so fun to see you today!
    #2 i should have brought you some broccoli because, it would seem, no one at my house currently wants to eat it — although one week ago it was Lydia’s FAVORITE! fickle children!
    #3 come here and you can pick free raspberries
    #4 next time i’ll bring caribou . . . even if it’s out of the way!

    have a great rest of the week!

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