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Wednesday Farmers’ Market

September 17, 2009

Our lives are filled with things right now that prevent me from having the energy or time to blog. Not so great: I have either a cold or allergies this week. Really great: We have had three nights in a row where Ainsley slept through the night. I read that once they “master” walking (yes, Ainsley is walking about 50% of the time), they start sleeping through the night. Before that, they wake up every 3-4 hours (yes, Ainsley was waking up every 3-4 hours), trying to learn how to walk while they sleep. However: Even with this sleep, we are tired. What it comes down to: We are living. We are resting. We are savoring. Therefore: Minimal emailing, zero twittering, and infrequent blog writing and blog reading. Conclusion: I kind of like it this way. I like being more unplugged. For now.


Ainsley at the State Fair in August

Yesterday’s Maplewood Farmers’ Market Picks:

  • $2: Mixed Lettuce
  • $5: A grocery bag of Roma tomatoes (making roasted tomato spaghetti sauce today to freeze)
  • $3: Watermelon
  • $4: A bag of Cortland apples, economy grade (aka “seconds”)
  • $1: Broccoli
  • $2: A tray of zucchini (for spaghetti sauce and maybe bread)
  • $1: A big purple cabbage
  • $1: A bundle of radishes
  • $0.50: An eggplant
  • $0.50: A purple bell pepper (because I couldn’t resist its tempting purple flesh any longer! Curiosity won out.)

I also picked up Michigan peaches at a Merryville Farms stand. They were 8 for $7 and they are awesome.

I have some serious cooking to do today before that bag of tomatoes goes bad. I also have about 5-6 ripe tomatoes in the garden which will be used up today either in sauce or salsa. Also making a lasagna to freeze. And it’s steak fajitas on the menu tonight with leftover steak from my parents’ visit earlier this week. I love a day in the kitchen.

Heading back off the blogging grid…

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