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Wednesday Farmers’ Market, And Tuesday Farmers’ Market, and Food in General.

September 9, 2009

So much to catch up on, I know.

Market picks from two weeks ago:

  • Red and green bell peppers, a bag full of ’em (red ones for black bean and corn salsa)
  • 6 ears of sweet corn for my awesome black bean and corn salsa
  • A bundle of cilantro for my aforementioned awesome salsa
  • A bundle of green onions, for that super awesome salsa I might have mentioned earlier.
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Passport melon (kinda like a h0neydew)
  • Other stuff? It was two weeks ago… who knows what else I bought.

Yesterday’s picks (at the Shoreview Farmers’ Market)

  • $3: A sack of sweet potatoes from a MN potato farmer who swaps crops with his Louisiana-sweet-potat0-growing cousin
  • $2: Leeks
  • $2: Acorn squash
  • $3: A giant butternut squash
  • $3: Some potatoes
  • $2: Spinach
  • $2: Mixed greens
  • $4: A big bag of really nummy apples (they are considered “seconds”, but only for cosmetic reasons)
  • $3: A sack of pears (did you know pears grow in MN?!)

(Prices might be a little off…)

In other food news, I made homemade yogurt yesterday. I just sampled it, and it’s pretty good. A little thin, but it was super cheap, and didn’t require me to purchase a ton of non-recyclable plastic containers. I haven’t purchased yogurt in ages due to the cost and the waste. It’s nice to have an easy snack in the house, plus I can use it in other recipes.

I am starting to feel that “hunker down” sense of early autumn. I am freezing veggies and thinking about apple crisp and the yard smells a little like fall. I am torn between soaking in all the last summer-like moments and making large quantities of soup for freezing.

I am growing tomatoes rather successfully. I am not the kind of person to sit down and eat a tomato. Put it on a burger or cook it as a sauce, and I love it. Eating it plain — not so much. But homegrown, vine-ripened tomatoes have changed that for me. I will gladly sit down with a tomato and cucumbers for an afternoon snack. Fresh from the garden, tomatoes are much more like a fruit than a vegetable. Which is good, since they are actually a fruit.

I just read a book, Plenty, about this couple who spend a year eating food from within a 100-mile radius of their home. It was a really great book, and I highly recommend it. It’s on my Shelfari page, if you’re interested in more info.

I know, I know… Where have you guys been? Why haven’t you been blogging? Where are all the Ainsley pictures?! All in due time, my friends.

Now I’m off to prepare dinner. And an apple crisp.

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  1. eliseanne permalink
    September 10, 2009 9:28 am

    while you’ve been out, πŸ™‚ , i found and we are seriously considering partaking in her Cloth Wipe Challenge – starting Sunday, switching to cloth wipes for one week (i think we will start small by switching for #1 only).

    Want to join?

    πŸ™‚ Enjoy getting out for summer and hunkering down for autumn.

  2. Aunt Katie permalink
    September 10, 2009 2:57 pm

    We went to the Farmers Market Tuesday night.. got great potatoes, raspberries, cantelope (melon), tomatoes. Nummy. glad you got me on farmers markets!

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