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Orange Oatmeal, Pink Pancakes, and Green Peppers

August 19, 2009

Yesterday, Ainsley and I ate orange oatmeal. It was orange thanks to the pureed sweet potatoes I added. With a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves, it tasted as autumnal as it looked. I like mine with honey.

Ainsley also enjoys pink pancakes. Beets give them their color and lots of nutrients. Pureed apples, bananas, or pears make these girly little pancakes sweet to eat, so I didn’t have to put sugar in them.

Peter Piper might have picked a peck of pickled peppers, but I picked a green pepper from the garden yesterday. Ainsley insisted on tasting it, so I let her try some raw pieces. She LOVED it. For dinner she had roasted green pepper, some peaches, and egg yolk.

Anything colorful on your plate lately?

(P.S. I should credit “Deceptively Delicious” for some of these meal concepts. You can read more about it on my Shelfari page.)

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