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Wednesday Farmers’ Market

July 29, 2009


Today I’ve been thinking about how quickly our treks to the Farmers’ Market will be ending. The MN growing season is shorter than a MN summer. That’s just crazy.

With that in mind, I am committing to the following for the remainder of the the season:

  • Get to the Farmers’ Market at least every other week.
  • Try something new. Not every time, not every purchase. Just try something new.
  • Eat it fresh! How many days are left of FRESH and LOCAL lettuce? I mean, the sugar snap pea season is already coming to a close (this week). Strawberries are done. I’m turning off the stove more and cooking my food less. Soon enough, we’ll be eating hot soup and turning up the thermostat. Ack.

Today, I pulled out our change jug (an old glass apple cider jug that I decoupaged with horse pictures when I was younger…. much younger). I was hoping for quarters, but my expectations were low. When we lived in our apartment, we needed quarters for laundry, and I was certain we would have depleted the change jug of quarters long ago.

But wait!

I found $9.50 in quarters!

Ainsley woke up from her a.m. nap at 9:30, so we had a VERY late start. (On an unrelated note, we walk past the library to get to the Farmers’ Market. Ainsley sat up, pointed, and babbled when we reached the library. She totally recognized it. Oh, she’s so fun!)

There a few downsides to getting to the Farmers’ Market at 10:00, rather than at 8:00:

  • Much of the lettuce is wilting, especially at the booths situated in the sun.
  • There is a singing/guitar-playing man with an open guitar case and a journal full of really sad songs.
  • There were NO dogs and there was an official law enforcement sign stating “Dogs Not Allowed on Premises” or something like that. It was a drawing of a dog with a big “Do Not” sign over it (you know what I mean, right? The circle thing with the slash through it.).
  • There are a LOT more people and cars. A LOT.
  • It’s a lot hotter. A LOT.

Pushing through the crowds, Ainsley and I picked out the following, after much deliberation and browsing.

  • $2: A tray of sweet carrots
  • $1: 1/2 pound of sugar snap peas (I will miss you, peas!)
  • $1: Two ears of sweet corn
  • $2: A bundle of gold beets (Remember, “Try something new”? These are for Ainsley.)
  • $2: A bag of mixed lettuce, the least wilty-looking bundle I could find.
  • $1: A head of broccoli

I ended up with a quarter left over. I gave it to the musician. I either over-paid someone by a quarter, or I miscalculated just how much I had to start with. Oh well.

It was a sweaty walk back to the house. Ainsley gnawed on a carrot (under my watchful eye). When she finished turning it into an unrecognizable orange spit stick, I ate the rest. I’m a mom. It’s what I do.

People — get out to the Farmers’ Market! If you haven’t gone yet, this is a great time — corn, peppers, carrots, tomatoes — it’s all waiting for you. If you want an even more enjoyable experience, visit the Farmers’ Market with this delightful companion.




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  1. July 29, 2009 4:16 pm

    Our market day is Tuesday. I took the 2 littles there yesterday morning about 8:30 and by the time we were leaving it was really getting busy! The earlier the better, I agree! We love the weekend St. Paul Market best. It’s our favorite! Maybe we’ll make it this weekend! Did you know the national Farmer’s Market has a website? You can vote for your favorite market. Here it is:
    You can also get a Farmer’s Market button for your blog if you want one.

    See you soon! (Next Wednesday, I hope!)

  2. Molly permalink
    July 31, 2009 4:20 pm

    I was wondering if your Farmer’s Market sells things other than fruit and veggies. We went to ours last night and I noticed how many “other” items were for sale as well. Last night we saw gorgeous sunflower arrangements, honey, syrup, bakery items from our local bakery, a kids coloring station, wood crafts, clothing items, and a Great Harvest Bread Co. booth.
    Our market runs from 3-7pm on Thursdays and by the time we got there at 6:30, there was still a ton to choose from (the only thing sold out was one stand with raspberries, but another stand still had some). The produce also looked incredibly fresh still too. I bet morning markets get the worst of the sunshine and possibly more traffic too.

    I’ll sure miss it when it closes for the season :).

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