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Ginn Cloth-Diapering 101: The Goods

June 29, 2009

So with a ton of accessories and cloth-diapering gadgets out there, what do you really need? Here’s our list. 

  1. Diapers: We would suggest 25-30 diapers (more if you want to wash them less frequently than every other day).
  2. Covers: If your diaper of choice doesn’t include a cover, pick up 4-5 diaper covers. Wash them with your regular loads. 
  3. Washcloths (aka wipes): 15-20 of these handy-dandies should cover you. Use in place of disposable baby wipes. You can even use them as “doublers” (see below) overnight. We also pack a few to wipe up dirty fingers and faces when we’re out and about. I’m a huge fan. (Two popular brands are Kissaluvs and Bum Genius.)
  4. Big tote-bag: Our wet/dirty diaper bag at home. Ours is from Bummis.
  5. Diaper bin (aka trash can or hamper): We chose a plastic can with a lid, which is operated by a foot-pedal. You could use pretty much anything that fits the big tote-bag liner. A lid is a must. The foot-pedal is not a must, but a nice convenience when you have dirty hands. (If I did it over, I’d choose something prettier — like a wicker hamper.)
  6. Small tote-bag: A must-have for the cloth-diapered baby on the go! Again, we went with Bummis.
  7. A storage bin: Whether you keep them all over the house or just in your changing table, the diapers, wipes, and covers need a place to call home. We chose a three-drawer system from Sterilite at Target. (I’d choose a more attractive, plastic-free option next time.)

And just like any parent, you’ll want a tube of diaper cream, a travel-sized changing mat, and a diaper bag or backpack. 

There are some “nice-to-have-but-not-necessary” items, too.

  • Scented something-or-anothers: A mom at Peapods recommended some essential oil pads, and we love them. Chemical-free, these pads are a worry-free and inexpensive way to keep your diaper bin smelling fresh. I have changed the pad only once — they last a long time! I use them in our basement, linen closet, and kitchen trash can, too!
  • Doublers/Soakers/Boosters: These super-absorbent liners are great for overnight. You can also just fold over a couple of the washcloths. We have one from Kissaluvs.
  • Flushable liners: Although we never use the ones we have, these are a great item to have on hand. They are perfect for babysitters, grandparents, and outings.

This post reflects our diapering needs and choices. The list might be different depending on the type of diaper you use and your preferences. To all the cloth-users: Anything you would add?

In future posts, I will talk about money-saving tips, the types of cloth diapers available, and caring for your cloth diapers. I also hope to have a couple of guest writers! Stay tuned…

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