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greenitude: from a Christian perspective

May 18, 2009

*****Thanks for my new copy of the book, Ron!*****

There’s a new book out called “Go Green, Save Green: A Simple Guide to Saving Time, Money, and GOD’S Green Earth.” I caught a glimpse of the cover on a blog I follow and I was intrigued. A visit to the book’s website brought a smile to my face a sigh of relief, “Finally!” Author Nancy Sleeth has written this book about going green from a much-needed Christian perspective. 

The website offers a helpful 2 minute video from the author and you can even read the first chapter at the site. I haven’t been able to get this book at the library yet, but you can bet it’s on my list. 

If only I had written my bestseller on the topic first…

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  1. .elise.anne. permalink
    May 22, 2009 3:36 pm

    Hey Amanda…

    Any suggestions for greeing a community gathering? The Community Peace Celebration is happening at Ober (in our lot) this year, and we’re on the planning committee….

    I am trying to get them to not have bottled water, but they are concerned about the elderly not being able to get up to the coolers/jugs of water.

    Any ideas? And for plates/cups, it will have to be disposable. What’s the best kind?

    Thanks greener-than-me friend!

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