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Ainsley’s 6 Month Photo Shoot

April 18, 2009

Back in February, we had our friend and photographer, Ben McMullen, come over to take 6 month photos of Ainsley. We think he captured Ainsley so well, and we even got some great family shots. I was waiting to post these pictures until we printed out copies for our immediate families. 

A brief history: Ben and Scott went on the Intercultural Studies Internship together in Fall 2005. It was during that time that the three of us became close friends. We went from being college students to “grown up’s” together. Ben recited Scripture at our wedding, and now he’s a part of Ainsley’s life, too. We’re blessed.

Please hop over to Ben’s photography site, McMullen Images, and consider him for your next photo event. Family reunion? Weddings (he’s great with weddings and engagements)? Senior pictures? Give him your business because he is a genuine friend and a fantastic photographer. 

If you’d like some photos of Ainsley, please let me know. But even easier? Thanks to Ben’s online gallery, you are able to download the photos for yourself and print copies of any photo you like! (This link has photos all ready for you to print in 4×6 or 5×7 sizes. It’s just a few of our favorites.)












Oh, I could post all of the pictures here, but I’ll refrain. Please visit the online gallery to see each and every photo. (Ainsley had a tough time with the flash to start, but even with her eyes closed, she’s so cute!) Here’s one more. Because I couldn’t resist. 


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