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What you missed in March, Part 2

April 2, 2009

Pop Pop returned from FL on March 22, and even stayed to play with Ainsley on the 23rd. She enjoyed using my dad as a jungle gym. She was also fascinated with the zipper on his sweatshirt. 




Ainsley spent some time with her other grandparents and Aunt Katie and Uncle Ben in the last few weeks, too. I will try to get a few of the (gazillion) photos her grandparents have taken. Their camera is always flashing whenever Ainsley’s around, so I usually don’t even pull my camera out!

In an effort to help with Ainsley’s restlessness during her teething, we tried introducing her to more foods, namely carrots. Here she is taking her first bite. This is what I imagine Ainsley might look like if she were a grown man with a red goatee. 



While Ainsley’s up-and-coming second tooth was bothering her all week (photos from 3/25), her first tooth was fascinating to her. She started feeling it with her lips and tongue, which resulted in some pretty funny faces in the high chair, in the car seat, and on our laps. I tried to capture a few faces, but she recognizes the camera and starts reaching for it instead of minding her own business. I guess I need to get sneakier.





I’ll post one more set of photos from March later this week. You’ll want to come back to see them — they involve mobility!

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  1. Aunt Katie permalink
    April 2, 2009 11:19 am

    Once again… Adorable Pictures!!!

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