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Just a little housekeeping

March 19, 2009

I’ll be drawing a winner tomorrow for this blog entry, so hurry up and comment! You don’t even have to share about going “green”. If you comment at all you’ll be entered once. But if you share about that piece of trash you picked up, the thrift store t-shirt you bought, or the walk you took in the beautiful outdoors this week (or anything green-ish), your name entered twice. You’ve got nothing to lose!

I have loved reading your green comments. I enjoy being part of a little community where we can talk about these ideas, ask questions, and encourage one another. I’m looking forward to implementing some of the ideas that were shared and blogging about them a little more in the future, too. 

Finally, Shana has a great post about living more sustainably by not buying anything new for a set amount of time. Maybe she’ll organize a support group for all of us who want to try this in the month of April. What do you think, Shana? 

Scott and I are going on a date to a special restaurant tonight. He’s on vacation right now, and it’s been so wonderful to have him home, all relaxed and untethered to work stuff. So I’m going to get some lunch for us and watch college basketball… Go, North Carolina! 

Oh, and Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!


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  1. Aunt Janet permalink
    March 20, 2009 1:53 pm

    Visiting your blog today to say…..

    Happy Birthday Amanda Rose!!!
    This day has brought much happiness to many.
    Enjoy celebrating with your family.

    May as well share a greenish gesture… hmmm
    I recycled last week when I went to the nearby Goodwill and scrounged through shelves of VHS tapes to find a Yoga routine to follow. Not only found that, but an Annie favorite… Ace Ventura and only spent $2.00.

    Ainsley is sooo adorable. She has your eyes.

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