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Pre-Nap Weekend Update

February 2, 2009


We had a busy weekend. We were in Ham Lake all day Saturday helping Ron and Dana move into their new home! It was so exciting, and we are so happy for them. Ainsley was pretty relaxed in the new house; although, she must have also been excited since she napped for only about an hour total (two 30 minute naps).

We were in Coon Rapids (at Katie and Ben’s)  last night to watch the Super Bowl and celebrate Katie’s birthday. Grace stayed home with Ainsley, and we enjoyed a few child-free hours of eating too much food and rooting for the Steelers. We came home after half-time to put Ainsley to bed.

Weather permitting, we’ll be in Alexandria  this coming weekend to visit Gramma GG, Pop Pop, and Untle Bennett. Pop Pop visited Ainsley for a few hours recently, but Gramma hasn’t seen Ainsley since Christmas. She should win some kind of medal for her bravery. After our trips to Alex, I usually come home and develop sore arms after a couple days. Why? Because I don’t spend much time holding Ainsley and bouncing her around while there; my muscles atrophy. It’s a good problem, and I’m not complaining! I’m happy to share Ainsley as long as she’s happy.

 I have a whole new crop of Ainsley pics to share from the past week or so, so stay tuned!

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