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Green Parenting

January 6, 2009

Keeping with the new green look on the blog, here are some ideas about green parenting.

#1: Buy used toys. Once Upon a Child has almost-new toys. So what if there isn’t a box? It just gets in the way of playing with toys immediately after unwrapping the gift anyway.  

#2: Buy used clothes.If the moms who give up clothes at garage sales, Goodwill, or OUCh (my abbreviation for Once Upon A Child) are anything like me, their babies probably wore the outfit about three times before it was outgrown. Ainsley does not lack clothing, so sometimes she ends up wearing something (especially dressy clothes) only a couple times before it’s too small to cover her cloth-diapered bottom. Ainsley’s Christmas dress was actually something Grandma Dana picked up at a friend’s garage sale. And it was SO CUTE! (Christmas pictures to come…)

#3: Cloth – it does a bottom good. I am a cloth diaper nut. It’s just too easy, people. Don’t let anyone tell you different. For more on this, check out my earlier post.

#4: Buy local and handmade. You’ll support our local economy, you’ll support our area artists, you’ll get something beautiful and it’s probably a little safer. Watch the tags — a lot of packaging will tell you where it really came from: “Made in China”. Don’t be fooled. And while you’re at it — vote to save handmade toys before January 15!!! 

#5: SKIP PLASTIC! It’s yucky for a lot of reasons, and who needs it? Ainsley’s favorite things (and ours) are her cloth dolls and animals, her books (we can never have enough — we ALL love them), and soon blocks, trains, and food items.

So if you’re going to do toys (and really — most are unnecessary and not as much fun as making forts out of couch cushions anyway), check out Peapods or OUCh or a local artist in your area. (More on local artists in another green post.)

I don’t mean this to sound like “Hey, buy us stuff.” That’s not the point of this post. But if you are shopping for Ainsley, we want you to know that we would be oh-so grateful for and excited about used clothes and toys. Honestly.

Stay tuned for more green posts. And share your ideas about green clothes and toys. I’d love to hear from everyone!

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  1. Molly permalink
    January 6, 2009 1:01 pm

    Why is plastic so terrible?
    Just wondering :). I really would love to know, actually.

    I love all of the “green” toys as well, but it’s a shame that they have to cost so much.
    FYI…we bought the boys some nice wooden blocks this year at Fleet Farm for a great price…only $7 for 100 wooden blocks!

    Also, I thought I’d mention that I just put our box of baby rattles out in the garage, since even Logan has moved on to bigger and better toys :). You are more than welcome to them, if you’d like. Let me know if you want a picture or anything.

    Please post a picture of Ainsley in her Christmas dress. I’m sure it’s a cute one!!


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