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What a Man.

December 29, 2008

I’d like to take a moment to share a photo of someone other than Ainsley.

This is Scott:


Here he is a couple of weeks ago digging us out of MORE snow. I’m photographing this mundane moment from INSIDE the front door where it is warm, un-snowed, and dry.

In addition to being the diligent shoveller in the family, Scott is also…

an amazing dad who changes and dunks diapers without complaint or argument.

a superb tidier. This is a trait I really appreciate since I can tend to be a superb mess maker.

a family man. He really does enjoy just being home with his girls. He gives up a lot to spend time with us. He could have a much more exciting social life if he chose to.

the bread winner.

the bread buyer. Since we share one vehicle, he will often run errands for us on his way home. Bread, feminine hygiene products, orange juice and Kleenex… he’s our guy.

a generous giver.

a curious and willing learner and a kind-hearted teacher. He is always seeking to discover the truth, and he values what is right more than he values being right.

a sports lover who is often willing to give up a Sunday game in order to watch something he knows I might enjoy a little more.

a sports lover who is always willing to give up a Sunday game in order to bounce a crying baby around the house for 40 minutes so I can do something other than bounce a crying baby around the house.

good looking.

an idealistic thinker who keeps our home positive when my pessimism starts to creep in.

a friend. He recognized a guy at church once whom he had been friends with in elementary school and hadn’t seen since. So he went up and reintroduced himself and caught up with the guy. Scott will be your friend for life.

a husband who appreciates me and notices when I cleaned the house or cleaned myself. And he always likes what I cook. Always.

a father who wants more than anything for our kids to love Jesus (and then others) more than anything else in this world, hoping that they will be better at this than we are.

It’s not Father’s Day or his birthday and I’m not trying to make up for anything. I just wanted to do this. Because I think I’m married to a wonderful man. And I want everyone to know it.



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  1. December 29, 2008 6:14 pm

    feminine hygene products? that’s totally not fair! nursing is supposed to keep you from needing those for a little longer yet, right? so, i’m hoping you meant like in the past he has picked up that stuff for you on the way home or that he is willing to or you are speaking theoretically or something and not that you really need any! alright, enough about that!! ainsley is sure a cutie! when does she want to come over and play with her older/mature friend anna? hope you had a splendid christmas!

  2. Katie permalink
    December 29, 2008 8:12 pm

    That just brought me to tears!!! He is a wonderful guy, isn’t he? Amanda you are such a great writer. I enjoy reading your blog… even if I don’t comment all the time!!

    I love all three of you so much!!!

    And Grace if you read this—Great job on the purse!

  3. Gramma GG permalink
    December 30, 2008 3:01 pm

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.
    We all love you Scott and what you bring to our daughter
    and our family.

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