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31 Things

October 21, 2008

Thanks, Tiffany for this post idea.

1. Where is your cell phone? on the coffee table.
2. Where is your significant other? on the couch.
3. Your hair color? dishwater blonde, i think.
4. Your mother? gg (or gail)
5. Your father? rick
6. Your favorite thing? favorite thing (not person or place)? caribou coffee (and i hate picking favorites just for the record)
7. Your dream last night? i was back at work… and it was not that great.
8. Your dream/goal? to create a home (in the non-physical sense) that blesses my husband and grows Godly children.
9. The room you’re in? living room
10. Your hobby? blogging (duh), playing piano (since there’s one in the dining room now!), photography, playing games/cards, keeping house, decorating, imagining/dreaming…
11. Your fear? right now – bugs in the house and cats in the alley at night
12. Where do you want to be in six years? at home with my kids and husband
13. Where were you last night? at home
14. What you’re not? working
15. One of your wish list items? a Macbook (so I can talk to Jessica, store music and photo files, and write!)
16. Where you grew up? mostly sauk centre, mn
17. The last thing you did? put the diapers in the dryer
18. What are you wearing? black sweatpants and a pink polka dot maternity shirt.
19. Your TV? is in the living room, is on, and is broadcasting ABC’s “Eli Stone”
20. Your pet? so glad to not have one right now.
21. Your computer? is old.
22. Your mood? dreading winter, worrying about work, and a normal combination of cuddly and crabby
23. Missing someone? Jessica, Mickey Mouse, and my husband (even though he’s home)
24. Your car? has a mickey mouse topper on the antennae and is a 2005 pontiac vibe
25. Something you’re not wearing? a baby (she’s in the swing)
26. Favorite store? Peapods (for kids), Ikea (for ideas), Banana Republic (for clothes I can’t afford and don’t buy), and Target (for real life stuff).
27. Your summer? so fast, so pregnant, so busy at work, and so fun with dates and anticipation for Ainsley’s arrival
28. Love someone? of course.
29. Your favorite color? creamy (more info here)
30. When is the last time you laughed? about two hours ago while watching newsradio.
31. Last time you cried? weird that i can’t remember… i cry often. since i can’t remember, it’s probably going to be a big cry when it happens.
3 Comments leave one →
  1. Jen Wallis permalink
    October 23, 2008 12:12 pm

    I am very proud to know you… your favorite thing is Caribou Coffee. *tear*

  2. October 23, 2008 8:02 pm

    “creamy” of course. 🙂 i’m glad you did this! it was fun to read.

  3. Gramma GG permalink
    October 24, 2008 10:18 pm

    Okay..Okay…You’re brilliant and I love to read your posts and love you UP from here…but….


    LovE youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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