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Isn’t it funny…?

October 7, 2008

Isn’t it funny how we now praise Ainsley when she burps… when in a few years we will be telling her to say “Excuse me” and correcting her for belting one out?

Isn’t it funny that we are now helping her discover her thumb knowing it would comfort her…. when in a few short years we will be reminding her to take her thumb out of her mouth and hoping she won’t turn to it for comfort?

Isn’t it funny how we are now so grateful that she urinates and has a bowel movement in her pants as opposed to outside her pants… when in a couple of years we will be working diligently to reverse that?

Isn’t it funny how I was happy today to find out I am down about 25 pregnancy pounds and elated that I don’t have to wear elastic waistbands anymore… when I’ll want those pounds and stretchy pants back in just a couple years? 

And isn’t it funny that six weeks ago, this little baby girl with hiccups and squirmy legs was known to us as only a little baby “Gizmo” with hiccups and a powerful kick?

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