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Time to Let Go of Time.

August 24, 2008

Okay folks. You haven’t missed anything. We’re still waiting. I’ve given up the spicy foods because I just don’t like them that much. I have scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, guzzled raspberry leaf tea, and walked for miles (thanks to Maplewood Mall, Ikea, Grand Avenue, Summit Avenue, and Mall of America).


Here’s what we’ve concluded:


It is just not time yet.


So instead of doing all these things to speed up Gizmo’s arrival (who is only a few days, not weeks, late for the “due date”), we are doing them because it’s fun! We have had lots of dates and drives and yummy meals. We know that this spontaneity and selfishness (or self-focused-ness) is an option for a limited time only. So we’re soaking it up.


What’s in store for today? Perhaps Rosedale Mall or the apple orchard? Maybe Enchanted? Definitely discussions about names and the Olympics. Because these are things we want to do. Things we enjoy.



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  1. Great Auntie Sue permalink
    August 25, 2008 6:28 pm

    Just following the blog the last week or so thanks to Great Auntie Janet sending me a link……….it’s been enjoyable to see all the pictures and comments. About the time you think you’ll be pregnant forever, it will happen, although you’ve probably been thinking along those lines now for several days by now. You’ll be holding that little one in your arms in no time. Your lives will be forever changed. Love always, Great Auntie Sue

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