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Mama and MckMuffin

July 28, 2008

We had a festive, fun, and family-packed weekend. I PROMISE to post about all that excitement later this week.


But before I can share all that joy with you, I need to share a prayer request. This is a long one…


A blog “friend” (read: I have never met this person, I do not know her real name, and one time I emailed her about diapers), has been admitted to the hospital. She is 23 weeks pregnant with their 4th child, fondly called MckMuffin on her blog. MckMuffin’s 20-week ultrasound revealed a heart irregularity, which led to weekly doctor’s visits for Mama and MckMuffin. Last week’s visit revealed that MckMuffin’s heart rate was over 250 beats per minute and was becoming irregular. At that rate, MckMuffin would wear himself out before long. Mama was immediately sent to the hospital and has been there since Friday. During her stay, she has been through a lot: discomfort, vomiting, baby’s heart rate up to 300 beats per minute, and more.


Fortunately, her most recent post explains that the medications have somewhat normalized (or “converted”) MckMuffin’s heart (Praise the Lord!) to about 162 beats per minute. But the medications that have improved baby’s heart have led to problems for Mama’s heart, including dysrhythmia and fibrillation (though not constant). She writes, “We can ‘live with’ the irregularity of MckMuffin’s heart, Dr. Nye told me. What we ‘can not live with, is the severe, intermittent dysrhythmia of’ my own heart.”

Since Friday, Mama has written more than 15 posts on her blog, both to keep family and friends informed and to keep herself connected as she spends hours on end alone at the hospital. Her two sons ages 3 and almost 2 are at home with her husband; her 9 month old daughter is staying with her sister. This has been a frightening, emotional, and exhausting time for her and her family.


She has invited her readers to share this on our own blogs and in our prayer groups. Since I know so many of you who read this blog are mothers, pray-ers, and caring people, I wanted to call upon you for prayer support during this overwhelming time for Mama, MckMuffin, and the family. To organize my thoughts, here are some my specific prayers for this situation:

Thank you for reading this long, non-Ginn, photo-less post. I will try to keep you updated on the situation as I am able.

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  1. Kristen Chock permalink
    July 28, 2008 10:13 pm

    Hi Amanda~
    I can see the sparkle in your eyes. The pictures of you and your family show it! Gizmo is so blessed.

    I’ve been a “stalker” for quite some time. You are a gifted writer and I enjoy reading all your entries.

    The time goes by SOOO FAST. Enjoy every moment….even the sleepless nights moments…. You’ll wake up one morning and be taking Gizmo to Drivers Ed classes. Yikes!!

    I type like I talk. Random and all over the place.

    (Gramma GG’s sidekick…usually wrapped up in the Scottie quilt, perched on the sofa, coffee drinking buddy! )

  2. Mamamama permalink
    July 29, 2008 11:52 am

    Thanks for this news & opportunity to pray!

    I’m ON it!


    P.S. Kristen is such a dear!


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