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A Week of Reality

July 8, 2008

It’s setting in for us a little more now. We are going to be parents. Forever.


When you’re young and in love, “forever” seems like such a lovely word. It captures all the hopes and ideals of the new-found feelings you have. It’s a word you whisper to one another or secretly write in a journal.


And then you get married. And while the word is still filled with joy, it is also tagged with a sudden sense of permanency. No turning back. This is it. Through all the silly disagreements or annoying habits, we’re in this forever.


And so it seems with parenthood. I am filled with immense delight when I think about life with children, with Gizmo: snuggling, teaching, learning, growing. And yet, as we stare down these last few weeks of pregnancy, there are moments when the word looms and repeats itself in The Sandlot chant: FOR-EV-VUR.


We had a visit with the doctor yesterday. All is well. My weight gain was minimal (which is good) and my blood pressure is “gorgeous”. We also scheduled our last four appointments. Tonight we have our first of five birth classes. On Thursday, we have a breastfeeding class. On Friday, Gramma GG. Aunt Grace, and Uncle Bennett may visit for the weekend and help with pre-baby projects. And suddenly, another week has passed. We are that much closer to post-pregnancy parenthood. 


The squirmy baby in my belly will become the squirmy (and screaming) baby in the crib or carseat. The birth classes will actually be put to use and then be replaced with lessons learned along the way, things that can’t be taught. The doctor will stop measuring my torso and guessing the baby’s gender based on the heart rate we hear through a doppler. And we will never stop being parents from this point forward.


And even though that reality can be a little scary at times…


Forever is completely wonderful.

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  1. Mamamama permalink
    July 9, 2008 10:06 am

    Being a parent is the BEST FOR-EV-UER EVER!
    I wouldn’t trade any of you Dang Kids for all the
    coffee in the rain forests.

    YOU TWO will be the BEST PARENTS EV-UER!


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