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Before 33 Weeks

July 2, 2008

I am running a day behind on taking my weekly photo. I’ll post that tomorrow. Since I know you’re all hankering for your weekly Ginn pregnancy update, here are few small treats to tide you over.


1. Last night, I had a major hormonal meltdown. I was a mess. I fell asleep for a few minutes underneath the ceiling fan in our bedroom after my nightly walk and woke up dead set on NOT making dinner. In addition to losing all ability to be even remotely pleasant, all the dreams I had earlier in the day about ironing, doing dishes, or even providing Scott and me with a somewhat nutritious meal were crushed by a hormonal surge and total exhaustion. Today, I feel much better. Amazing what a little sleep and cute outfit can do for a two-headed pregnant lady/monster. (Worth noting that Scott was nothing but kind, understanding, and helpful.)


2. Last week, when Grace and I were watching four of the five Stoll kids, I asked the crew if they thought Gizmo was going to be a girl or boy. Eventually, they were all agreed that Gizmo is a boy and that we should name him John. (However, before reaching this conclusion, Rebekah felt it was important to know if I we had purchased a lot of pink or blue clothing. At first she also thought Gizmo might be a girl since I was wearing a pink t-shirt.)


3. Speaking of names, here’s a comment I read on a blog today that cracked me up.

I have a daughter named Reed, and I get that “family name question” alot, too. (She is named after a teacher I had– Mr. Reeder. My husband suggested the name for a boy when I was pregnant and it just stuck. And it suits her.)

Truth be told, Reed is an avid reader, and I wish I had named my other children “Clean House” and “Do Dishes.”


As always, we welcome your birth-date predictions, gender guesses, and name suggestions. Soon-to-be Great Aunt Ginnie is guessing it’s a girl. Ginnie and I have already ruled out Ginnie Ginn since that would be too tough for even me to say correctly, but soon-to-be Great Uncle Mike suggested the name Michael. Scott and I are agreed that Rin Tin Ginn and Tonic N. Ginn won’t work. Grandpa Ron likes Räni (“Ronnie”) for a girl to recognize our German heritage, or something to honor my love of chocolate (Hershey? Bosco?). Gramma GG suggested Homerun Ginn for a boy.


What do you think?  

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