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32 Weeks

June 28, 2008

Daddy’s wiped out from camp and an oncoming cold… 😦



Auntie Gracie stayed for the week and did lots of work around the house. She kept the kitchen cleaned up, put up the curtains she made for us, pulled weeds, and even painted our doors. What can’t she do?!



And Mom’s WARM. It’s been hot and humid outside… and in my office. I’m so grateful for central air at home. I’m walking everyday and doing some reading to get ready for Gizmo’s arrival!

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  1. Grampa Rick & Gramma GG permalink
    July 1, 2008 8:58 am

    Scott…that’s right! Rest up while you can. You have miles of floor walking ahead of you!

    Grace…you are that “CAN DO!” kind of gal who looks good doing it! wink

    Amanda…you are soo soo soo stinkin cute all “preggers” as your Dahdee would say!

    Here’s a quote from the mouth of ‘Da-manda which seems fitting here:

    “MOMMY! Your tummy is NOT SO VERY PRETTY!”

    This was said to me when I was in my second trimester with Grace as I stepped out of the shower and flung open the door quite unexpectedly. We had not yet told you about your sibling on the way as the “wait” is not something you STILL cope with all that well! wink


  2. Grampa Rick permalink
    July 2, 2008 10:57 pm

    Dear Rosie….

    YOU are the PRETTIEST pregnant woman since your mother!
    And she was reallllllllllly pretty….but SO ARE YOU!


    P.S. To Scott–its a great time to bring a child into the world….
    during a suprisingly successful Twins season and the anticipation
    of a Superbowl Viking season. Its alway better to be born in the Pre-Season before the reality of a sure-to-disappoint Viking season.

    Love Dad

    P.P.S. If its a girl—–GO LYNX!

    Just funnin’

    Love Big Poppy

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