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1st Baby Shower

June 27, 2008

I’m going to start this post the way my mom starts some of her stories… It was GLORIOUS day.


I left work a little early to meet Scott for our doctor’s appointment. Everything was checking out well for the baby. My belly is measuring normal, my blood pressure is “gorgeous” (as Dr. Syal always says). I’m weighing in a little higher than she’d like, so I’m “off” sweets and trying to walk everyday. As I whined to Scott a few days after the appointment, “I want my baby and my brownie, too!”


She also listened to Gizmo’s heartbeat. She asked if she could guess if it was a boy or girl. When we gave her the okay, she guessed it was a boy. The nurse practitioner guessed the same thing a few weeks ago but then shared, “But guessing by the heartbeat is not very accurate. It’s like 50/50.” So really… We have not gained any new information as to the baby’s gender. Care to take a guess?


After a quick stop at home, I headed out to Addie’s house in New Brighton. Alisha and Addie were hosting my 1st baby shower! This one was with all my co-workers.


We enjoyed this lovely chicken salad, handmade by Addie and her husband. We also had bread and raspberry iced tea.



The party was so big we had to sit inside and outside!

From left to right: Addie, Nancy, Deb, Abby (Deb’s daughter), Peggy, Grandma Dana, me, Amber, Hannah, and Kerstin. Behind the camera is Alisha.



After dinner, we played a couple games in the backyard. The first was “Name That Baby Food.” With the labels peeled off, we had to match five yellowy-orange jars of baby food to their flavor. Most used their noses; we brave ones used our sense of taste, too! The flavors were Vegetable Beef (the only one I didn’t need to taste-test), Chicken Noodle, Turkey Rice, Pears and Oatmeal (the only one I’d consider eating myself), and Macaroni and Cheese (by far the most disgusting color and odor). I confused turkey rice and chicken noodle. Peggy and Abby tied for the win.

For the second game, we had 30 seconds to look at a tray of 17 baby-related items. Then we had a minute to write down everything we could remember. I felt I was at an unfair disadvantage given my hormonal state, but Dana was quick to remind me that I wasn’t the only one! I forgot a few key items — diaper, bottle, socks, and a bib. However, I did remember the pregnancy test and bulb syringe (although I wrote it down as “sucky thing”). Amber won this game, and a Caribou gift card.


Then the real fun began. PRESENTS! Pooh bedding (from Grandma and Grandpa Ginn), a safety kit, books, thermometer kit, bath robe, blankets… So fun!




Alisha was sure to catch a few pictures of me, my belly, and Grandma Dana!



We closed out the mosquito-free summer evening with Alisha’s strawberry-rhubarb crisp with ice cream and Addie’s real English tea. It was a GLORIOUS evening outside surrounded by flowers and friends. Thank you for a beautiful and memorable 1st baby shower, Alisha!


Next time on The Ginn’s… Visiting Great-Grandma Sharon and Great-Grandpa Vern!

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  1. Grampa Rick & Gramma GG permalink
    July 1, 2008 11:31 am


    It ALL looks soooooo LOVELY!


    Thank YOU for posting this recap! I feel as though I was THERE too!

    I may offer, Amanda also phoned me JUST BEFORE going INTO the shower to “let me feel a part of it.”

    It took me a WEEK to post THAT! sniff sniff



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