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Wasn’t I adorable?

June 9, 2008

Just in case you don’t get around to reading all the comments on this blog, I wanted to share one with you that my mom posted on “Camp Widow“.


(Just for translation, “Dahdee” is our Freitag name for Daddy, mostly because that is how we pronounced it.)



One particular story comes to mind involving a young, young “Damanda Rose” and the busy Dahdee you had takes us back to about 1986…


Dahdee, was at KICD and doing another promotion as part of his “celebrity” (tee hee!) in a “Jail and Bail” event for charity. The premise was Dad was “arrested and taken to ‘jail” at the mall, which come to think of it IS a lot like jail for your Dad! Dad would be “broadcasting on the radio LIVE from the mall while shoppers/callers/listeners would be asked to contribute money for “bail” with all money going for a noble cause.


These kind of promotions were a routine thing for business openings and/or weekly grocery store promotions such as the “wall of beer” at Hy-Vee…another story, another time. We’d often got to “see” Dahdee at work as they inevitably used up our weekends so you were used to seeing him in action.


This time however, you watched Dahdee from afar doing interviews, broadcasting and “handling” the adoring public…all in the “costume” of a jail bird in full on stripes, ball and chain and flat cap. When he had a break in the action, he came forward to chat with us and love you up for a bit before returning to his “incarceration.” Soon, an event organizer, called for Dad to come back over for his next remote. At this point, Dad gave you back to me and kissed us both and left.


You watched him for a few seconds walking away with his tin foiled ball and chain and then said to me quite matter-of-factly, “Are they going to kill him now?”


Good thing for us, he got bailed out and went on to have a full life on the “outside.”

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