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Camp Widow

June 4, 2008

On my way home from work last night, I realized that I am a  camp widow. Much like a hunting widow in September or a fishing widow on Mother’s Day, I am disconnected from my husband for long periods of time and often don’t see him much in the light of day. He leaves when the sun is coming up and gets home long after it’s gone down.


But I’m not looking for pity or in any way guilting my husband. You know why? I also realized that I think this “widow” experience is one shared by almost every wife at some point in her marriage. Whether it is the aforementioned (how cool is it that I got to use that word?!) hunting or fishing widow, a ministry widow, a travels-for-work widow, or a paintball widow… I am certain that almost every wife has at some point, for any amount of time, been a fill-in-the-blank widow.


Therefore, I’d like to welcome comments from everyone (yes, EVERYONE! — men, women, married, single, kids, and dogs) about your experiences or those you’ve witnessed. They can be funny, helpful, or boring. I just want to get people talking.


And I also want to thank my Dad for working so hard throughout my life. Even though he may have left my Mom a radio widow, an emcee widow, or a travels-for-work widow at times, I am so grateful for his commitment to providing for our family and always making the times we had together as a family all the more special.


Finally, thank you to my adoring husband for helping me feel included in camp life, calling me during your 5 minute breaks even though you have a dozen other phone calls to make, understanding when I’m too tired to talk by the time you get home, and for being so kind to me at the end of your long days at camp. I am glad I get to be your camp widow.

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  1. AUNT GINNIE permalink
    June 5, 2008 10:54 pm

    Oh yes Amanda I can TOTALLY relate to your “widowself.” I have been there for the hunting, the fishing and did I mention the HUNTING!!!! Mike has worked VERY hard for us too with all his extra schooling (Masters and Doc. degree at present time)and long…..LONG hours at work. On Monday Mike will start the second half of his schooling ( 3 classes) and work all day besides. He’s pretty amazing!!!!! So yes…..I think all us married women can relate to how you are feeling. Just think next summer you will have “gizmo” to keep you company through camp life.

  2. June 6, 2008 2:38 pm

    Well hunny….you grew UP with “Widow-ship.” If anyone was prepared to be the “widow of be all and do all’ it was you.

    Although, the GENUIS of your father was: When Dahdee was home, he was “all home”—no phone calls, no paperwork, no lengthy discussions on his miseries of the day. He may not have been in an “upright” position but that only allowed you to crawl all over him easier and “fix” his hair with ease. wink

    One particular story comes to mind involving a young, young “Damanda Rose” and the busy Dahdee you had takes us back to about 1986….

    Dahdee, was at KICD and doing another promotion as part of his “celebrity” (tee hee!) in a “Jail and Bail” event for charity. The premise was Dad was “arrested and taken to ‘jail” at the mall, which come to think of it IS alot like jail for your Dad! Dad would be “broadcasting on the radio LIVE from the mall while shoppers/callers/listeners would be asked to contribute money for “bail” with all money going for a noble cause.

    These kind of promotions were a routine thing for business openings and/or weekly grocery store promotions such as the “wall of beer” at Hy-Vee….another story, another time.
    We’d often got to “see” Dahdee at work as they inevitably used up our weekends so you were used to seeing him in action.

    This time however, you watched Dahdee from afar doing interviews, broadcasting and “handling” the adoring public….all in the ‘costume” of a jail bird in full on stripes, ball and chain and flat cap. When he had a break in the action, he came forward to chat with us and love you up for a bit before returning to his “incarceration.” Soon, an event organizer, called for Dad to come back over for his next remote. At this point, Dad gave you back to me and kissed us both and left.

    You watched him for a few seconds walking away with his tin foiled ball and chain and then said to me quite matter-of-factly, “Are they going to kill him now?”

    Good thing for us, he got bailed out and went on to have a full life on the “outside.”


  3. GREG permalink
    June 8, 2008 12:29 am

    Love the blog.
    I am enjoying the post about DAHDEE’S -“lol”
    I always wanted to know how to spell this, so thanks to
    your sooooo “COOL” Mom ,my friend for posting this.
    Soon Rick will be a GRAND DAHDEE—-LOL !
    WILL BE CALLED —LOL We have learned so much in our
    yahoo-email ect groups from your MOM, We love and
    enjoy her so much, HOW BLESSED you are to have Her as a Mom.
    What RICH HERITAGE you will have to pass to you first born !
    Blessings,and Laughter.


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