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Gizmo Update

May 22, 2008

Scott and I went to a “mid-pregnancy” class today at the clinic. After the usual stuff (blood pressure, weight, “samples”, etc.), I had to drink the stuff for my glucose test. I chose the lemon-lime flavor over tropical punch and orange, just in case the drink ruined my love for a particular flavor forever. I had heard so many bad things about the drink, I was a little nervous. Fortunately, the drink tasted like Sprite. At first. Then it got a little thicker and weirder, and I realized that it tasted like Sprite syrup… I won’t be picking up a 2 liter of that stuff anytime soon.


During the class, they talked about everything from car seats to pre-term labor to epidurals. I stepped out at 10:20a so they could prick my finger and test my glucose levels, watching for gestational diabetes. The lab assistant came back and told me that I had some of the best glucose levels she’d seen a long time and my hemoglobin count was good, too. Yay!


Then I stopped in to talk with Kathy, a nurse practitioner, who asked me a few questions, checked Gizmo’s heart rate, and measured my tummy. Everything is on track!


We will go back for an appointment with Dr. Syal in mid-June, around 31 weeks. After another visit or two, we’ll start weekly visits at 38 weeks until delivery. Until the big day, we’re enjoying Gizmo’s hiccups, kicks, and what must be jump shots. 

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  1. May 22, 2008 10:12 pm


    Good for you ALL!



    I had to drink rootbeer flavor as I recalll…….eeee uuuu


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