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Gizmo’s Got Moves

May 5, 2008

Gizmo is becoming more active. I had been feeling “flutters”, “pops”, and “bubbles” for a few weeks, but they were very internal and so subtle they were difficult to even decipher from the usual bodily processes. But in recent weeks, these movements have become more distinct punches and kicks. And about two weeks ago, I began to feel them both inside and out. Scott, anxious to join the fun, was disappointed that he missed the pre-lunch kicks while I was at work. But last Sunday, at the McDonald’s drive thru, he felt a good, strong kick for the first time while waiting for fries and a burger. He felt a two or three kicks in a row earlier last week.


These reminders of Gizmo’s presence and incredible growth are coming more frequently and with more “umph”. If this is what it feels like at just 25 weeks, what should I be expecting as Gizmo grows from just over a 1 pound to 6-7-8 pounds?!


We have another ultrasound appointment tomorrow morning. We hope Gizmo is positioned in such a way that the ultrasound technician can check the heart valves, which she couldn’t see last time due to Gizmo’s face-down position (“stomach sleeping”, as Scott likes to say — just like Daddy!). If we get new glamour shots of Giz, we’ll be sure to post them!

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