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Good Friends

April 17, 2008

Last night, our dear friend Becky came over for a glamorous dinner of refrigerated pasta and sauce in a jar. I also “made” bread (Thanks, Archer Farms Texas Toast). Becky, in keeping with the food and preparation theme, provided us with a lovely Caesar salad from a bag.


The three of us share a special bond. We have known each other for 5 and 1/2 years. Becky, like my other freshman roommate Jen, was there through it all for Scott and me. We did homework together in the end lounge our freshman year, and poor Becky put up with my incessant Scott talk: “we’re not dating” and “okay we’re dating”. Becky and Scott have a connection that is hard to explain. From Day 1, they have loved “discussing” issues of theology, doctrine, education, art, philosophy… and on and on… Their once-heated debates have now cooled into respectful and really enjoyable conversations. When the three of us are together, we always seem to end up discussing the bigger things in life. And I love it. Becky really makes us think.


Jen is another amazing relationship. Scott is completelyhimself around her. Silly, dorky, and brotherly. They have long called one another “brother from another mother” and “sister from another mister”. I think this all began when the three of us would go out for dinner or to a campus activity and they would be unintentionally dressed alike — everything from color-coordinated outfits to the eerily similar grey ribbed sweater and khakis look.  Jen and I have had our up’s and down’s, but I feel so blessed to have her in my life and to see the relationship growing like it is. When she found out we are pregnant, she rushed out and picked out Gizmo’s first outfit, blanket, and hat. She also brought me “Mommy” food — Godiva chocolate! I feel so loved and supported by her friendship… and her chocolate.


Earlier this month, Jessica came for a visit from Florida and stayed with us for five days. She was also there through thick and thin for Scott and me. Even when we had our big breakup, she proudly (though secretly) retained her role as President of the Scott Ginn Fan Club. She is my BFF and she is a huge encouragement and blessing to us personally, professionally, spiritually, and Uno-ly. Having her here and watching her leave again felt a lot like ripping open the scab I had finally developed from when she moved to Florida this fall. I miss her a lot. Her absence from my life day-to-day is very real and I am left with a tangible feeling of emptiness in that part of my life.


Each of these women is more beautiful each time I see them. In a highly transitional time in my life, they were steady friends and companions. And as we settle into being “grown up’s” I love them more and more for their familiarness, warmth, and authenticity.


We are blessed with so many friends and family whom we love and who love us. There is a fullness in these relationships that continues to increase as we keep growing up. ICS friends, camp staff, our wedding party, our siblings, church friends, work friends, softball buddies, long-lost high school friends rediscovered, and so many others… I feel incredibly blessed.


To all our friends that we don’t see often enough (which is most everyone!), let’s keep trying to find a time to get together. We really value you and the ways you speak into our lives. So let’s play Settlers, or go to a ball game, or have dinner, or at least email each other. 


“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. ” Ecc. 4:12

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